Interactive Experience Screen Examples

As this type of project is new to me and have no experience in app design, my example screens are not the best. However, they do give an idea of what I would want the app to look like, and its functionality.

The red squares throughout are where you can tap the screen to open up a closer view, more information, facts, games, etc.

The directional arrows are where you can tap to follow the screen that way.

When a double directional arrow appears, you can swipe the screen to move around an object and in some cases like the underwater creatures room, have a fun panorama of the room. When moving around an object or room you can still interact with red squares for fun facts and games.

When the words ‘GAME TIME!’ comes up, you can double tap on it to play a game related to what you are looking at. It is not made too obvious, as a way of keeping the children looking, as it can pop up anytime. It could be simple on the screen as you are walking through an area, or it may pop up on an information page that they have tapped on.

I wanted the style of my app to be a cartoon vector version of the real thing. I did not want to make it too simple with plain block coloured shapes as I do not feel it would work with the exhibit. Instead I would want a slightly more realistic version with more detail, colour, and textures.

Screen 1

Screen 2


Screen 4

Screen 5

Screen 6

Screen 7

Screen 8

Screen 9


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