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Balance is a theory with many contributing factors to it, such as Emphasis, Weight, Symmetrical, Radial and Asymmetrical balance. These factors make up how you subconsciously percieve works of art such as websites and posters. It’s key for a graphic designer to learn about these different aspects.

Emphasis is the concept of attracting the viewer to a certain point in your work first. Designers may use colour, size or even patterns to attract the viewer to a certain first point. This is often used to give information in an effective way.

Weight is the concept of giving something visual balance by using correct sizing. It’s literally like a weight-balance scale, one side cant be heavier than the other etc.

Radial, symmetrical and asymmetrical balance are all forms of balance that are to do with patterns and the like. Below are some examples of how you can incorporate these forms of balance into…

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