Type Trend: Letters Made of Things

Expand Your Design

Typography. It is something so many of us struggle with. We can spend hours painstakingly sifting through typefaces to find “the one”. That one typefaces that can complete our design, convey our message, and rest beautifully in our art. While we all appreciate a beautiful typeface, I believe we sometimes neglect the fun side of type. Eric Gill once said, “Letters are things, not pictures of things,” although he may not have meant that literally, why not take it that way?

Take Bacon Alphabet by New Zealand artist Henry Hargreaves. As the title states this Gothic inspired typeface is slabs of carefully cut bacon. The images convey a certain feeling to the audience. The fatty, glossy texture of the bacon gives the typeface a rich and hearty feeling. Using such a traditional style of text in an extremely nontraditional way, Hargreaves makes us take a step back and re-evaluate the…

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