Little White Lies …artfully told.

Campari and Sofa

Graphic designer and Texty-Illustrator Lauren Hom takes the lovely little lies we tell ourselves every day and turns them into art.  She calls them her ‘Daily Dishonesty’ and makes sweet posters through her clever use of colour and fonts. They made me smile – I have told myself at least half of them.

Lauren also conducted a witty survey among class mates, friends, family and aquaintances – asking them:  “What would you say to the last person who broke your heart?”  And then documented the snappy one-liners she got in return in a series of greeting cards she sells through her website Hom from Hom.

The responses range from happy to sad, angry through resigned. And best of all – they sound like real voices. A brilliant way of looking at closing that final conversation: whoever it may be with.  As Lauren says” Keep in mind that boyfriends and girlfriends aren’t…

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