Getting Carded

Giovanna Scott Art

I’m a little late in posting this week.
Having a Education Degree puts me in an enviable position at times. I can put my hand up for supply work when I need to, but that also means time away from making Art.

However, I’ve been working on lots of projects aside from the big canvas work. The little competition on Facebook was fun and it’s given me a little encouragement to run similar elsewhere. The winners will be receiving their goodies soon, which is exciting.
hair_heart canvases copy
The greetings cards are done and they look fantastic!
cards displayed copy
cards stacked copy
I learn much from dealing with other professionals, especially to do with making assumptions. You see, I assumed that when I ordered 125x125mm cards that the envelopes would be close in size.

They weren’t.
envelope size
So it took some courage to delay the release of the cards to ensure the new envelopes I ordered were a good…

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2 thoughts on “Getting Carded

    • Thanks! I never knew you could send greeting cards via phone! I am actually looking at cards for a project I am currently doing at university, a YCN brief designing a set of cards for UK Greetings, so I can not use anything like this, but thank you anyway, very interesting!

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