Some really beautiful hand drawn type and calligraphy used in these designs.


SLAM SG - Supporting Local Arts Movement Singapore

Exploring the arts of design, SLAMSG came across SHIFTERS, and the designer behind the magnificent art designs ,a local Singaporean designer, Fadd.

Stated in the SHIFTERS website, this designer aims to ‘wow’ and awaken other people’s senses through his works of visual arts.

Born in 1990, the designer which graduated from a Diploma in New Media from School of the Arts in Republic Polytechnic, has given out unique works of art involving poster designs,creating his own typography using set’s of triangles, and also using imagination to create animal illustrations of some animals like a wolf, lion and moose.

One of the things that caught SLAM attention was an ALAMAK! t-shirt design for Culture Diversity, that was shown on NOISE Singapore, featuring a chinese opera lady saying the work ‘Alamak!’ which is a common ‘Singlish’ word usually said among the different races in Singapore.  ‘Alamak’ are normally used before a…

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