Saul Williams Album Cover




For this project I had to design a CD cover and disk for one of three given singers. I chose the singer/actor/poet called Saul Williams, whose work can be found on youtube. He is very eccentric and does not have a set style. I chose to base the album on one of his songs named ‘list of demands’, so used the lyrics and video of this to design this piece. I used a found photograph of Saul and used photoshop to edit it into a stronger and more contrasted image. I then used the words ‘list of demands’ repeatedly to relate to the song and add texture.

As you can see, I tried the type and colour over both the face and the background to see which worked better. I then used the same images cropped for the disk cover. My idea was to have the type and colour over the face or background for the album cover, then have the opposite for the disk.

Feel free to comment on which way you prefer the image to be for the cover and the disk, as I am continuously changing my mind!


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