Group Photo Shoot 01

As part of the photography section of my uni course, we had to do two photo shoots as a group. That means each member of the group does a certain part of setting up the shoot for example, lighting, outfits, ideas, etc. Charlotte came up with the idea of dresses, having 3 of us in plain black then 1 standing out in colour. We thought this would be a great idea so went with it!

DSC_3320 IMG_3317 DSC_3321This images show the equipment and set up we used for the shoot. We aimed to get minimal shadows and have an even lighting on us all.

The photographs below are the outcomes.

IMG_3277 IMG_3251 keely+w+edit IMG_3233

IMG_3259 IMG_3311IMG_3240\ I added in a few of the fun unedited images at the end there because they really stand out to me and show the kind of personalities we have making each other constantly laugh when we are together.

With thanks to my girls!

Charlotte Gledden –

Toni Kane –

Kelly Beazer –


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