‘Spring’ Direct Mail

Screen shot 2012-11-26 at 22.06.13Recently I was given a brief to design and make a direct mail using a chosen day, month, year, or season. The minimum dimensions where 220mm x 110mm, must be double sided, and be mainly type based. On the back it must contain my blog address, the address to send to and a stamp, as we have sent these through the post to my tutors given address.

I originally chose the word march to relate to my birthday as we were told not to make the piece too obvious, but when I decided my birthday was too obvious I changed my idea to spring. I have always wanted a reason to try create a fun swirly floral type in illustrator, so figured this would be the perfect thing! Although you can not see from this image, there is a very discrete texture effect on all layers of the images, making it look almost leathery.

After many hours playing about with different effects and colours, I produced this as my final piece. I printed both sides separately then mounted on card to make it stronger and stiff to be able to withstand the journey in the post.

IMAG1455Spring back


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